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Greater Things photos...

GTC MPB outside.jpg

Multi-purpose building

GTC MPB progress inside.jpg
GTC HVAC ductwork2.jpg
GTC HVAC fuse box.jpg
GTC MPB Before siding2.jpg
GTC MPB Before siding 3.jpg
GTC MPB before siding.jpeg
GTC HVAC ductwork.jpg
GTC MPB plumbing.jpg
GTC MPB youth volunteers.jpg
GTC New Bunk Beds from PHS.jpg
GTC New Bunk Beds 2.jpg
GTC New Bunk Beds PHS students.jpg

Bunk Beds constructed by High School shop class

Power washed picnic tables

GTC Table pressure wash.jpg
GTC Table Pressure wash2.jpg
GTC Chapel Dr Art Tucker and volunteers.jpg
GTC Old Structure Removal.jpg
GTC Chapel floor.jpg
GTC Chapel from behind.jpg
GTC Chapel next to Trinity.jpg
GTC Chapel volunteer painting.jpg
GTC Chapel at night.jpeg
GTC Chapel progres.jpg
GTC Chapel under construction.jpg
GTC Old Structure Removal 2.jpg

Former chapel stripped down, moved, and transformed into a new beautiful structure!

GTC New Deck 2.jpg
GTC New deck.jpg
GTC Cabin Renovation Kanawha charge.jpg
GTC Cabin Renovation Kanawha charge 2.jpg

Former storage building renovated into new sleeping cabin with new deck!

GTC new manager storage building.jpg
GTC new washer and dryer.jpg

Maintenance Garage

Washer& Dryer

GTC New Gazebo Eagle Scout.jpg
GTC New Gazebo Eagle Scout 2.jpg

Reconstructed Gazebo (Eagle Scout project)

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